Joys and Horrors of Broken Souls

by Rawzilk

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released May 24, 2016

Vocals by Shauna Cardwell, Natalie Orlie, Filth and Joy, Anastasia Romanenko, Jasmine Chloe, Vedo, Anna Kingsley, Zoé Schröter

"Nails" written by Filth and Joy
"All the Way Down" written by Vedo



all rights reserved


Rawzilk Texas


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Track Name: It
Born again, been lost for days
And I'm still dead inside
I ask a wrathful god "save me"
Burning grass and shattered glass
Adorn my destroyed home
And so I have become
So alone

Deep in the dark I hear afar
A voice so cold and cruel
It treats me like a fool
A tool

It threatens me and makes me bleed
in front of jesus christ
and right as I collapse-
Track Name: Nails (ft. Filth & Joy)
You've threatened to kill me
Or fuck me or both
Peeling my nails to hammer to the bedpost
Cathartic releases in crucified mud
The drain clogged by hair and the semen and blood
Your eyes become husks in the light of the street
The light will collapse where our eager flesh meets
Sweat will stain sheets with holes from the fire
Our Hatefucking spinal appendage perspires

Let them grasp my heels
Let them eat their words
May they fill the soil
Let them feed the worms

If we don't die here
Let us rest our hands
Upon crown of thorns
Wrapped in rubber bands

Let us sleep like hogs
Upon bloody ground
And let the house of God
Be filled with love and sound

Let God rain nails
For the child won't feel
And if our love should fail
Let them grasp my heel
Track Name: Feral
Open your eyes
Look around you, what do you see?
A hell on earth for you and me
Or at least that's all you can see

You scream at night with watered eyes
During wet dreams
Sad eyes, crushed dreams, wet lips
It drips like cum between your legs

In love with a hell sent lost soul

You have sad eyes dying on your bed

You're sensitive
And yet you want to burn with me
I'll take you away from misery
In my arms you will rest in peace

You're sad, feel dead
Spend days in bed
You have sad eyes dying on your bed
Seen better days, now all there's left
Is death
Track Name: Dolls
At the corner of the walls
Look at me six different dolls
They never cared for my happiness
Took care of them for so long
I fed them and sang them songs
I've grown immune to my loneliness

And I want to set them free
But then they will turn me in
And betray me and just let me rot
Behind bars in a strange room
Without them I would be doomed
They yell from the bottom of their lungs

You'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
You'll rot in jail
You'll rot in jail

One of them is beautiful
Her face my prettier than mine
So I laid her down on my bed
And then I kissed her goodbye
Told her pretty things must die
And with my knife I chopped off her head

At the corner of the walls
Look at me five different dolls
Outside there's a world they've never seen
Where people look at your flaws
Cut them open with their claws
I know these girls will never forgive me
But I'm just doing what's right
I know that I am now
This is the price for being beautiful
For making those boys' hearts melt
For making me look like death
For being someone else's wonderwall
Track Name: All the Way Down
Kiss me in the dark, hold my hand I'll never let go
whisper something in my ear I'm here and you say let's go
this slasher film has you hot and wet already
just let me grab my things and we'll be out of here already
alright we hit the streets and something sets you off the shore
I've seen that glimmer in your eyes since you walked out that door
must have been the thirst for blood I've seen this shit before
my eyes are red as well so you can tell that I crave more
so we head the block and made our way down the street
knowing damn well my honey wanted to freak
the fuck out and that same instant this man opened his mouth
asked us for a couple dollars needed something to eat
she grabbed him by the throat
told him "eat this fist"
a knuckle sandwich caused some fucking damage
we think this got to be our lucky night
and that's when she pulled out my knife

(all the way down)

This shit really came true, he's just a body now simple
now you know what we'll do
chop him up into a hundred pieces bloody and bruised
Track Name: Dear Morgue
I want to hold you tight
Fondle your angel wings
You've been through so much lately
You've been suffering

Your heart's been broken
And your mind is filled with pain
But I am here to hold you
And send the pain away